SDN takes a step closer with NetScaler VPX on Cisco Nexus 1110.

Just in time for a bit of buzz at Cloud Expo London, Citrix have been invited across town to Cisco Live to demonstrate the NetScaler ADC VPX virtual appliance on the recently introduced Cisco Nexus 1110 Virtual Services Appliance.

Back in October, in the Barcelona sunshine, Cisco and Citrix announced an escalation of their strategic partnership to help facilitate the anticipated growth in cloud adoption and showed a hint of things to come by demonstrating the Nexus 1000v virtual switch on a XenServer platform. Fast forward three months and the roles change with Cisco hardware hosting a Citrix appliance…

Cisco have already shown the Nexus 1110 platform running their DCNM, NAM and VSG products and with this new demonstration the capabilities of both the Nexus and NetScaler combine to provide new levels of network flexibility, but why have Cisco chosen NetScaler?

The NetScaler feature set is arguably one of, if not the most comprehensive on the market and that matters because the more functionality provided by the Application Delivery Controller (ADC), the greater the performance and efficiency benefits to the overall service. Thousands of Cisco networks worldwide support the delivery of Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop so NetScaler features designed to make their secure delivery simpler will be as welcome as many of the other topics posted about on this blog but clouds need to be scalable…

Having the ability to scale to support fluctuating user counts or perpetual growth is clearly beneficial to achieve maximum ROI and stop the budget burning rip and replace mentality. NetScaler covers this with TriScale, which also features within these posts.

The key message here though is the rise of open architecture Software Defined Networks (SDN) which will mature over 2013 to become the successor to the fixed, brittle networks in production today.

SDN offers the ability to migrate virtual appliances to available hardware resource and provide the switching and security to suit as demand dictates, without the need for manual intervention. Workloads can migrate to wherever there is spare capacity, regardless of physical location and that’s when things will really start to get interesting- all powered by NetScaler.


© Al Taylor 28th Jan 2013


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