Server offload – do more with less.

Regardless of the size of the organisation, squeezing more out of less tends to be high up the to do list and nowhere is this more apparent than the cash sapping IT department. Finding ways to maintain acceptable service levels with ever tightening purse strings is a driver in many conversations I have with IT decision makers and there are plenty of ways that deploying an application delivery controller (ADC) can help maximise ROI. Here’s a quick summary of server offload and how it helps…

In other posts on this blog you’ll be able to find a bit more about the mechanics of server offloading (Multiplexing, Compression, Caching, and SSL Offload) but to summarise, taking resource intensive and repetitive tasks away from the application server tier and moving them on to an ADC such as NetScaler allows organisations to support more users per server. More users on each server mean fewer servers to support the user count, break that down another level and the financial benefits become clear.

New servers cost money. The procurement of the tin is obvious but the costs associated with applying a hypervisor, operating systems, applications and network considerations along with ongoing management and maintenance can multiply the initial cost of the physical hardware many times over. There is however another hidden cost which I’ve recently been reminded about by my local electricity supplier issuing a price increase of 9% from the middle of October – power consumption.

According to Green Grid – a global consortium of IT companies & professionals looking to increase efficiency in the data centre, “..the cost of power and cooling the IT infrastructure approaches and often exceeds the cost of acquiring the assets themselves“. It simply makes commercial sense to reduce the number of servers burning electricity in the data centre.

The need for efficiency drives innovation. Load balancing has had it’s day – it’s time to work smart, not work hard  – Al

© Al Taylor 25th Sept 2012


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