NetScaler intro – Server offload – SSL Offload

Basic overview of SSL offload in less than 200 words – plus a bit on the end worth mentioning…

SSL Offload – Security is never far off the agenda and as a result, SSL encryption is widely utilised to secure traffic between an end point and the server back in the data centre – HTTPS in the browser address bar is a typical indication your session is encrypted. The methods SSL security uses are varied but the net effect is using the application servers to perform this task to outgoing traffic is computationally intensive leaving less power to actually produce the content.

Offloading this task on to the NetScaler appliance (particularly the hardware based platforms) dramatically reduces the workload on the servers and when the server needs to do less with each request it leaves spare capacity to serve the next request in the queue allowing content to leave the server faster and more requests served over a period of time. In other words more users per server to deliver anything from SharePoint to eBay. – Al

SSL offload is high on the agenda for 2048bit SSL migration. Bigger encryption keys take more resource to process leading to server sprawl. NetScaler’s SSL Offload helps keep the server count down and keep the security levels up 

© Al Taylor 25th Sept 2012


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