NetScaler Insight granular analytics feature now in beta

Citrix have announced beta availability for ‘Insight’, a new analytic capability  for the NetScaler platform

As an Application Delivery Controller sits in the path of the vast majority of application traffic, it’s an obvious place to perform an analysis of the service delivery and ensure everything is in order. NetScaler AppFlow was introduced back on 9.3 which effectively generated a record of all traffic movements which could be analysed with open source offerings from the likes of SolarWinds & Splunk.

Only downside is administrators need to toggle between the NetScaler & analytic software consoles rather than having everything in one place, which makes the whole process that little bit more time consuming.

Reading Abhilash’s post on the Citrix Blog, the proverb ‘You can’t manage what you can’t measure’ springs to mind. It looks as though NetScaler Insight will provide the granularity of reporting that will be more than adequate for most needs, allowing administrators quick and easy access to the cause and the cure in one place – throw in Action Analytics with a positive loop cycle on generated reports for automated policy control and life is starting to look easy!

Abhilash’s blog can be found on the link below along with a link to the beta – Check appliances meet version criteria- Al

© Al Taylor 6th Sept 2012


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