Citrix launch new low/mid level hardware NetScaler appliance – Is it worth the hype?

Ready for their Synergy end user event in Barcelona, Citrix have announced a new NetScaler hardware platform for the low to mid level markets – here’s the headlines….

Based on the Intel E3 1275 Quad Core processor, the tin has plenty of compute power to manage up to 6GB of system throughput but as usual, the licence key offering allows the device to be specified to suit the need, starting with the 2GB MPX 8200 which sits mid way between the current MPX7500 (1GB) and MPX 9500 (3GB).

If you need to move more data, the MPX8400 licence key increases the throughput to 4GB which can be from the initial procurement or as an upgrade for those who have outgrown their existing MPX8200 capacity. The 6GB MPX8600 licence unlocks the full potential with upgrades from the 8200 & 8400 available. No sign of an SDX 8×00 at the moment but if there’s enough demand….

A key component worth noting is the 32GB cache memory, 4 times the size of the MPX75/9500. In short, the more content cached, the greater the server offload benefit with a bit of help on delivery speed too so this is great news for the ROI message and those looking to maximise end user experiences at the end point. A 256GB SSD completes the package which should increase resilience over the spinning disks of old and with 3 spare drive ports on the back of the appliance, Citrix have future proofed the physical tin for plenty of future upgrade capability.

There are variety of Network port configurations available on the MPX8x00 for deployment flexibility with the inclusion of an option for 10GB SFP+ support and a LOM (Lights Out Management) port thrown in for good measure.

I’d half expected a price tag similar to a Range Rover Sport as is often the case with enterprise class ADCs but the SRPs I’ve seen are going to make budget conversations less daunting. The Platinum Edition MPX8200 is the exact same price as the popular MPX7500 which has half the capacity so it’s highly likely Citrix will have an End Of Sale notice out for the 7500s in the not too distant future. Same applies for the MPX9500 with an extra GB of throughput available on the MPX8400 for the same price…

In summary, Citrix look like they’re going to replace the popular MPX7500 platform with one that greater capacity and more scaleability – well worth a look if you’re in the market -Al

© Al Taylor 6th Sept 2012


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